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  • First Bag-less School in India with ICSE Board Syllabus
  • Asia's 1st Neuroscience & Meta Skills Research Center Inaugurated by Education Minister, Government of Himachal Pradesh. IBRI School - (ICSE Board Syllabus) Focus on Conceptual learning with personalized learning programs encourage independence.
    and Our program is designed to enhance a student’s self-confidence
    First Bag-less School in India changing the way we learn, one step towards intelligence Watch the Video Classes - Fill the Worksheets - Teach Others and get informaation stored in your brain forever.

    Our History

    International Brain Research Institute (IBRI) is a registered Trademark of Nicely Life Foundation registered under Govt. of India, Ministry of Corporate Affairs as Brain and Neuroscience Training providing organization working beyond normal education for society in India since 2008.

    Our Goals

    Here you can review some statistics about IBRI
    Certified Trainers
    Students Trained
    Brain Development
    Satisfied Parents

    Program Features

    IBRI Advantages

    The pioneer and leader in advance brain and skills development curriculum across the globe.

    Methodology of Pedagogy

    IBRI provides total super memory, mind, body, and brain development through scientific techniques & methodologies developed by organization’s research team.

    Confidence Building

    Understand applied innovation with audio-visual based tool. Confidence building & Improve communication skills.

    Education at IBRI

    IBRI has various segments like IBRI Preschools, IBRI Schools, IBRI Vocational Institutes and IBRI Brain Research Cell.


    Assignments both class and take home as time-bound projects to be professionally developed to enable the students to get professional confidence.

    Experience Faculty

    Subject matter expert SME, Academicians, Practitioners to bring incredible courseware for the students


    Students Achievements

    At IBRI Skill Academy, Several students after participating in Skills Enhancement program created WORLD RECORDS in the field of Extraordinary Concentration, Super Strong Memory and Fastest Calculation, now its your turn get ready to surprise.

    IBRI programs pave your child’s path to lifetime success.

    IBRI devised methodology assist accelerate your child’s comprehensive learning from the age of 3 years all the way throughout life. To endow students with extraordinary skill power. To Build Concentration, Reading, Memory, Focus, Productivity, Confidence, Handling Emotions, Creative Thinking, Communication Skills, Problem Solving, Leadership Skills, Interpersonal Relationships Good Decision-Making Skills, Games, Debates, Role Play, Stories, and Fun activities to make everyone Life Skills Empowered to Face the Challenges of Life!


    IBRI is one of world’s best institute for skill education research and development. We focus on scholastic development, personal growth, and ethical enrichment.

    All schools of different boards and brands seems quite similar in terms of teaching and learning methodology but none of them is trying to use the methodology of latest scientific pedagogical techniques and equipment which are considered the main advantage of IBRI imparting education to enable them to be idols of different fields for the students studying at other conventional schools and so called smart learning system schools.

    What makes our school special?

    The pioneer and leader in advance brain and skills development curriculum across the globe.