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    Chairman's Message

    As Chairman I wish you a very warm welcome to IBRI! We have succeeded in providing local families an excellent education delivered by exceptional teachers and our achievements can be seen through rapid improvements in education and exceptional world records by trainees. We are also making key strides towards creating bag less school which makes a significant difference to the community we serve and that provides opportunities for all our pupils and students. True learning by way of, technology of learning by latest techniques to keep a vast memory is as simple as one can imagine, All of us can do it very easily with a little effort and IBRI techniques Good Luck!!!

    Dr. Daniel Park, Chairman

    About Us

    International Brain Research Institute (IBRI) is a registered Trademark of Nicely Life Foundation registered under Govt. of India, Ministry of Corporate Affairs as Brain and Neuroscience Training providing organization working beyond normal education for society in India since 2008.

    IBRI provides Supplementary Educational Programs for Students, Solutions, and Services for Schools, Colleges, Government and Private Educational Institutions. IBRI has a 360 degrees presence in the field of Skill & Brain education, providing something of utmost value for almost everyone, proving to be a one-stop-solution for all Skill & Brain educational needs. The Skill & Brain development sector is by far the largest segment of modern education system. IBRI is one of the pioneers working beyond contemporary normal education. Currently school has unique Brain learning solutions related to learning disorders among both kids as well adults. IBRI is leading south Asian education institute that is working on learning disorder activities like ADHD, ADD, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, Auditory Processing Disorder (APD), Dyslexia, Language Processing Disorder, Visual Perceptual/Visual Motor Deficit, Non-Verbal Learning Disabilities, Executive Functioning, and Memory.

    We are serving societies, schools, colleges, students and working professionals to improve their erudition capabilities as well as their productivity and benevolent their life as a leader. IBRI is the only educational institution in South Asia and India region that has taken the initiative to start First BAGLESS School in India. Now these days IBRI is world’s leading institute for Memory, Mind, Body & Brain fitness headed by International Memory Trainer Mr. Sababbi Mangal, who holds 3 World Records in Memory, Mind and Brain Power.

    We all need to be skilled today to empower ourselves, hence imparting training using scientific techniques will amplify your results in all skills. Meta-learning and flexible learning are being used by top five countries, these techniques can enable the students to get success in their lives, meta-learning refers to learning skills –like memory, speed reading, and accelerated absorption brainwave control, cognitive optimization, etc. Currently, the School is organizing workshops and training programs in different parts of the country. For the last many years, we have trained around 21863 students in different proficiency of Brain/Dhyan/Neurobics, Flexible Learning, Teacher Training, Parent Training, Business Trainings, etc. We have also trained 965 neuroscience trainers across the country. The process of training new coaches is an ongoing process with the aim of 10,000 coaches by the end of year 2020.

    IBRI Advantages

    The pioneer and leader in advance brain and skills development curriculum across the globe.

    Methodology of Pedagogy

    IBRI provides total super memory, mind, body, and brain development through scientific techniques & methodologies developed by organization’s research team.

    Confidence Building

    Understand applied innovation with audio-visual based tool. Confidence building & Improve communication skills.

    Education at IBRI

    IBRI has various segments like IBRI Preschools, IBRI Schools, IBRI Vocational Institutes and IBRI Brain Research Cell.


    Assignments both class and take home as time-bound projects to be professionally developed to enable the students to get professional confidence.

    Experience Faculty

    Subject matter expert SME, Academicians, Practitioners to bring incredible courseware for the students



    We believe that learning should be fun, purposeful and challenging. Through our effective curriculum, we aim to equip each child with the skills they need for lifelong learning. We aim to develop confident learners, who take ownership of their learning are proud of their achievements and are well prepared for life in modern world.


    We think a school should be about empowering our children to learn and explore. Through innovative and inspirational teaching methods and learning we strive to develop motivated, and confident children who show consideration and understanding for others and work hard to achieve their goals.


    At IBRI we are committed to delivering a high-quality learning environment and inspirational teaching which will lead to the development of happy and successful pupils within an inclusive academic culture. We are working towards developing Concentration, Reading, Memory, Focus, and Productivity, to endow students with an extraordinary skill power. To carve a niche for the School in terms of brand equity and best results with Stimulating curriculum and a supportive environment, private yet affordable school, Students experience success every day, Supportive environment to ensure a magical change in attitude of trainee towards learning.