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    IBRI is one of world’s best institute for skill education research and development. We focus on scholastic development, personal growth, and ethical enrichment.

    All schools of different boards and brands seems quite similar in terms of teaching and learning methodology but none of them is trying to use the methodology of latest scientific pedagogical techniques and equipment which are considered the main advantage of IBRI imparting education to enable them to be idols of different fields for the students studying at other conventional schools and so called smart learning system schools.



    Analysis of a child admitted at our school using scientific method of detecting their interests, sensitivity, best abilities, strengths, weaknesses and other behavior related qualities and disabilities, because if we do not analysis a brain of a child, we cannot achieve any desired result oriented changes and the learning, a child will acquire. The individual report of a child will have every remark about the above discussed results which will describe the changes of those results periodically, which may have remedial actions involving parents’ efforts.

    Neuroscience Education: In our current education system, the students are under constant pressure and anxiety to memorize their syllabus, which seems vast. Often concerned educationist pondered over issues like the child's school bag being heavier than their own weight. Students, mothers, teachers, and principals move in an endless cycle of worries and depressions. From early childhood children are put to tuition and rote learning all this just for achieving one objective - success in exams, which is actually a factor of good memory power and mind's ability. Often people complain about the students for bookish knowledge and blame them for writing mugged up answers in exams. What else students can do? Nobody has ever taught them how to memorize the syllabus completely and permanently without failing to recall whenever required. Let us know consider the steps which can be taken to find solution to such problems. Use of practices of mnemonics for boosting memory and enhancing concentration for children. The memory can be wonderful by using tools, methods, and practices of mnemonics. Understanding of functions of brain, speed reading, speed math’s, calligraphy and mind mapping are concepts that must be introduced to the existing methods of memorizing, reading and solving mathematical problems. Now a day’s parents and teachers are focusing more on getting good marks and to fulfill this, they follow the root learning method and ignore working on child skills, which consequently leads to endangering their carriers. IBRI Vocational Skill programs provides total super memory, mind, body, and brain development through scientific techniques & methodologies developed by organization’s research team.

    Flexible learning: Flexible learning under memory program empowers its students to memorize practically all that a student needs to memorize and beyond. Using this methodology, we can store information in our sub-conscious mind as a permanent memory. Students can learn their Syllabus with Flexible Learning Quickly, remember things for Longer Duration (Permanent Memory), and Recall Quickly when desired. The current Education System uses root learning method which leads to forgetting information completely by time because as per scientific research while cramming we use our single part of brain which prevents information being stored in our sub-conscious mind and results in forgetting the information. Also, all children have their own learning style, that means one can be best at Visual Learning Style and other at Auditory or Kinesthetic Learning Style but while cramming we use only auditory learning style due to which children with other styles learning abilities have to face numerous problems in memorizing and recalling the information. Some children can memorize information by just reading (Auditory Learner) 2 or 3 times but some has to write (Kinesthetic Learner) 2 or 3 times on the paper as well, few come under the 3rd category Visual Learner (Note: Visual Learning Style is 20 times stronger than other learning styles) this kind of children can’t learn information by reading and writing, they can learn by watching videos of topics or by using imagination using Photo Memory, Mind Mapping, Flexible Learning, and Mnemonics, etc. which are not yet available in any of the curriculum. Flexible Learning System uses all learning styles of humans such as Visual, Kinesthetic and Auditory to learn a topic. In this style dedicated movie is played for every chapter which covers Visual and Auditory Learning Styles, then holistic worksheets are provided for through exercise and are made to indulge in the Activity – Role Play / Teaching Others to use their Kinesthetic Learning Style. All this empowers learners with Permanent memory for that particular chapter.

    The curriculum of SCHOOL EDUCATION BOARDS and other value add products certified by the SME’s (subject matter experts) and professionals are uniquely divided into required units. Each unit is further distributed into modules. Every module is further broken up into easy to learn sessions through a set of tools & kit. Assignments both class and take home as time-bound projects to be professionally developed to enable the students to get professional confidence.

    What makes our school special?

    The pioneer and leader in advance brain and skills development curriculum across the globe.

    It’s A Matter of Every Student and Every School

    In 2008, we launched our School studies research cell in India under the guidance of the Great Talented Memory Man of India. This is world’s leading research cell for memory, mind, body and brain development. It, later on, merged under Nicely Life Foundation a section 8 company with the tradename International Brain Research Institute (IBRI) in the year 2019 with the mission to start world’s first chain of schools in India and abroad with the latest advanced learning strategies using memory and mind skill programs. IBRI Technology supplier for India established famous research LABs in Punjab and Himachal Pradesh for detailed studies of Brain coaching.

    The team keeps in touch with the B2B/Institutional segments and be instrumental to ensure the association is synergized to the focal point for complete success. The team would also be constantly looking for future associations to develop newer modules/products.

    Exclusivity of modules like “Institutional wise based on region/ requirements” with customized documentation” will become a major contribution of the academic team.

    • Education for Students for the primary to master level
    • Information and Video Counseling for Parents
    • Brain Development Products and Services for Schools
    • Project Guidance and Partnerships to improve the brand equity of the school & Educational Institution alike
    • Follow a structured curriculum as per skill University pattern
    • A structured program spread over a period of 48 weeks
    • Focus on every student with definite batch size
    • Understand applied innovation with an audiovisual-based tool
    • Confidence building & Improve communication skills
    • Understand conditioned thinking processes and obstacles to innovative ideas
    • Understand how to analyze strengths and weaknesses
    • Ensure success in performance and improvement in the learning outcome permanently through brain development.