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    IBRI Schools are proposed as a national chain of ICSE affiliated co-educational schools, which use the World-Class App-Based Learning System’ created by IBRI Research Cell. IBRI School is a noble endeavour by Nicely Life Foundation to bring about a quantum improvement in school education sector, as a response to the pressing educational needs of the country. IBRI, envision to prepare leaders of the 21st century. It believes children are not just numbers; they are unique individuals, having infinite potential. Keeping the child in focus we filter all our decisions and actions. Our aim is to prepare our students with all the life skills that will help them excel in their life. We ensure single-minded devotion to each child’s growth and development. Real understanding comes from an integrated approach, at IBRI we impart activity-based learning to students, wherein they engage themselves and learn as per latest technical educational practices.”

    The Current Schooling System

    Often people complain about the students for bookish knowledge and blame them for writing mugged up answers in exams. What else students can do? Nobody has ever taught them how to memorize the syllabus completely and permanently without failing to recall whenever required.

    Pedagogical Approach

    Let us know to consider the steps which can be taken to find solution to such problems. Use of practices of mnemonics for boosting memory and enhancing concentration for children. The memory can be wonderful by using tools, methods, and practices of mnemonics. Understanding of functions of brain, speed reading, speed math’s, calligraphy and mind mapping are concepts that must be introduced to the existing methods of memorizing, reading and solving mathematical problems. Now a day’s parents and teachers are focusing more on getting good marks and to fulfill this, they follow the root learning method and ignore working on child skills, which consequently leads to endangering their carriers. IBRI Skill programs provide total super memory, mind, body, and brain development through scientific techniques & methodologies developed by organization’s research team.

    The idiosyncratic pedagogy is supported and directed by the Research and Development cell of IBRI along with a team of eminent specialists. IBRI Schools prepare a student to chase the dreams on the basis of knowledge, education, and skills acquired. Our students will perform their best and practice to achieve stipulated goals and may opt for higher education in different fields. School imparting training using scientific techniques that will amplify your results in all skills. Meta-learning and flexible learning are being used by top five countries, these techniques can enable the students to get success in their lives, meta-learning refers to learning skills – like memory, speed-reading, and accelerated absorption, brainwave control, cognitive optimization, etc. We focus on Physiological training, Mental level training, Intellectual level training, and Spiritual level Training.

    Research Team

    IBRI took an initiative to build a platform to collect the internationally renowned experts, International educationists, and in conjunction with research scholars. Established a dedicated team to prepare a framework and a system that works to bring about tremendous reforms in the education sector of India, which is totally money-oriented only. But IBRI is focussed on preparing 21st-century leaders, world record holders, world brain champions, sportsmen, and worthy trainees who can successfully achieve the goals using IBRI services.

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