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    Super Memory Seminar

    Attention Please – Because this is a question related to your children’s future.


    to double your child’s memory power?

    your child to reach new heights of success in life becoming intelligent?
    your child to concentrate in studies to get good marks ?
    your child to succeed in other areas besides education ?
    your to make your child to choose his / her own career and become competent?
    your child to remain stress free and achieve a higher standard of living?

    Names and  Phone Numbers of 100 people in 1 hour ?
    Can You Answer 96  X  96  =  ? In 3 Seconds Without using calculator or any other computing device ?
    100 of objects / digits in sequence after one reading ?
    Whole of the OXFORD DICTIONARY ?
    Complete Unlimited  Years of Calendar In One Hour ? 

    YES YOU CAN  !

    Super Memory Seminars are Conducted by us all over India. These Seminars are essentially scientific and totally based on Practical that can change your destiny and unleash the hidden potential of your mind, so that you can able to use your abilities to achieve success in your life. These Seminars are based on Mnemonics that can boost your memory and mind power. These are for all age groups who want to improve memory and serious about his life and performance and want to fulfill hi/her true potential.


    These Seminars are for all ages, it may be a school students or Preparing for any competitive exams, like IIT, JEE, CET, PMT, SAT, CAT, TOEFL, IELTS, IAS, IPS etc. Professional and Business men anybody in general want to improve memory and serious about his life and performance and want to fulfill his / her true potential.

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    2019-11-3 10:00 am 2019-11-3 7:00 pm Asia/Tashkent Super Memory Seminar Teachers Home, Bathinda
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