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  • Methodology of Pedagogy

    According to Wikipedia Pedagogy means most commonly understood as the approach to teaching, refers to the theory and practice of learning, and how this process influences, and is influenced by, the social, political and psychological development of learners. Pedagogy, taken as an academic discipline, is the study of how knowledge and skills are imparted in an educational context, and it considers the interactions that take place during learning. Both the theory and practice of pedagogy vary greatly, as they reflect different social, political, and cultural contexts.

    This indicates that the process of learning or teaching is quite clear. It lays the importance of the involvement of science and technologies. IBRI is a platform dedicated to child education and vocational training along with other moral values and ethics embedded.

    IBRI imparts education as per the definition of pedagogical methods in letter and spirit to a child using the advanced technologies and equipment to educate the child comprehensively. Usually, people just see the surface meaning or literal meaning of what has been said or written, which can lead to undesired results in terms of education of children, which may prove problematic at school in the next classes as the real meaning of the said content was something else. IBRI underlines the importance of the foundation of your child’s education well being. Therefore, it is a significant part of the findings of research and development done by an expert team appointed by IBRI Research Cell.

    We are the first school in the world in which, according to the definition of learning, a student who goes out of the house to school and in the society, to learn and to take the right direction, IBRI enable children to learn to read and write as well as to learn to establish good relations. IBRI cultivates excellent habits among its students to become responsible human beings who are one who cares for the world and always solve any sort of issue and come out victorious always. Also, make them proficient in the art of living a full and happy life, and to enable them able to deal with every adverse situation easily.

    Periodic creative evaluations are integrated into all subjects for efficiently identifying the strengths and weaknesses of a child. IBRI designed program is used to interpret the data collected and the results are a part of the ongoing scientific evaluations of the child. The analysis is further used to tackle the issues of the children about their strengths and enable them in making future vocational choices.


    To promote and operate Pre-Schools which prepares a student to confidently enter first class in school with the acumen of the mature standard at such a young age.

    IBRI Schools prepare a student to chase the dreams on the basis of knowledge, education, and skills acquired. Our students will perform their best and practice to achieve stipulated goals and may opt for higher education in different fields. Often people complain about the students for bookish knowledge and blame them for writing mugged up answers in exams. What else students can do? Nobody has ever taught them how to memorize the syllabus completely and permanently without failing to recall whenever required. Let us know consider the steps which can be taken to find solution to such problems. Use of practices of mnemonics for boosting memory and enhancing concentration for children. The memory can be wonderful by using tools, methods, and practices of mnemonics. Understanding of functions of brain, speed reading, speed math’s, calligraphy and mind mapping are concepts that must be introduced to the existing methods of memorizing, reading and solving mathematical problems. Now a day’s parents and teachers are focusing more on getting good marks and to fulfill this, they follow the root learning method and ignore working on child skills, which consequently leads to endangering their carriers. IBRI Vocational Skill programs provides total super memory, mind, body, and brain development through scientific techniques & methodologies developed by organization’s research team.

    Institute imparting training using scientific techniques that will amplify your results in all skills. Meta-learning and flexible learning are being used by top five countries, these techniques can enable the students to get success in their lives, meta-learning refers to learning skills – like memory, speed-reading, and accelerated absorption, brainwave control, cognitive optimization, etc. We focus on Physiological training, Mental level training, Intellectual level training, and Spiritual level Training

    IBRI took an initiative to build a platform to collect the internationally renowned experts, International educationists, and in conjunction with research scholars. Established a dedicated team to prepare a framework and a system which works to bring about tremendous reforms in the education sector of India, which is totally money oriented only. But IBRI is focused for preparing 21st century leaders, world record holders, world brain champions, sportsmen, and worthy trainees who can successfully achieved the goals using IBRI services.