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    IBRI realized the problems being faced by students in the conventional education system, with the vision to shape the way of coming generation we at IBRI Research Cell took an initiative to enable students to permanently store the information in their mind. While teaching the students, we realized that everyone is using the method of memorization incorrectly, most of the students are cramming rather than memorizing permanently, Due to which they forget the information after some time. Thinking seriously on this matter, we found that the conventional way of education is not of the desired standard, we then started working on new research – how the brain works? why we forget? what is the scientific way to memorize information permanently? With this task at hand we started research in the field of memory, concentration, focus, Vedic -mathematics and neuroscience and invented several techniques to enhance, sharpen, boost and simplify the education field. IBRI resolved that it will also change the method of education and skill training being imparted, apart from entrepreneurship development program providing equal opportunities to all.

    Doing Research at School

    In 2008, we launched our School studies research cell in India under the guidance of the Great Talented Memory Man of India. This is world’s leading research cell for memory, mind, and body and brain development. IBRI Technology supplier for India established famous research LABs in Punjab and Himachal Pradesh for detailed studies of Brain coaching.

    Dedicated Research Center

    We established Asia’s First Neuroscience and Meta Skills Research Center for the training of teachers to improve the quality of education. It was inaugurated by Education Minister, Government of Himachal Pradesh.

    Email: rd@ibri.in

    IBRI Research at a Glance

    IBRI Research Cell team members are working continuously on the school curriculum to prepare the entire syllabus using the latest mind and memory techniques for helping students achieve better results.

    In conjunction with the department of education, we are responsible for imparting such training and feedback sessions by our researchers who rectify the errors of approach either on the spot or after promised period because all the technologies are very vast hence some research may involve in certain cases. We will not shy to quote any international educational scientists with thanks and with a vision to spread these tools to reach everyone.

    Integrated Research & Teaching

    At IBRI we are a group of professionals engaged to develop and promote various “neuroscience” related skill programs, these include international trainers, speakers, scientists, researchers, inventors, authors, and motivators. All are experts of different fields holding a lot of World Records in their fields having international status. All our trainers are internationally recognized public figures. Currently we have more than 30 International trainers working with our IBRI Brain Research Cell.

    Neuroscience & Meta Skill Research Team